all instruments are software emulators

gryllus assimilis (crickets 3 am)
synths: modular moog bass, subtractor pads, maelstrom didjeridu, cs-80 strings, redrum drums
samples: crickets, gongs, conga loops

solenopsis invicta (ant farm)
synths: cs-80 oboe, maelstrom growl
samples: black fire ants, vibraphone, xylophone, pizzicato strings, relay loops

culicoides impunctatus (cloud of midges)
synths: cs-80 lead, maelstrom drone, subtractor drone
samples: midges, guitar drone

periplaneta americana (roaches in the walls)
synths: minimoog arpeggiator, cs-80 hit, maelstrom voicebox, maelstrom drums
samples: insect rustling, drum loop

belicostermes natelensis (termite queen lays eggs)
samples: termites, white noise, bubbling, singing bowls

aquarius remigis (walk on water)
synths: cs-80 lead, cs-80 arpeggiator, minimoog pads
samples: stream, pouring water, baritone chimes

cicadadae (florida cicadas)
samples: six species of northern florida cicadas, bullfrogs, swamp ambience

lucanus cervus (stag beetle combat)
synths: cs-80 pads, maelstrom arpeggiator, redrum percussion
samples: gravel footsteps, tumbling rocks, junkyard rhythm loops

anopheles gambiae (malaria)
synths: maelstrom growl, maelstrom grime, maelstrom subharmonics
samples: mosquito, swamp ambience, tambura, jungle drums, vibraphone

bombyx mori (silkworm contains itself)
synths: maelstrom breathing, minimoog arpeggiator, redrum percussion
samples: mellotron choir, dulcimer, guitar chamber

apis mellifera (wake the bees)
synths: maelstrom drone
samples: bees, string lead, guitar feedback, guitar chamber, tambura

phricta spinosa (rainforest katydids)
synths: minimoog cup bells, cs-80 phased lead, arp2600 subharmonics
samples: katydids

recorded january-march 2007